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        Addition of carbon black as a conductive support to bimetallic catalysts for use in anion exchange membrane fuel cells [1]
        Characterization of rapidly thermally annealed Cu doped ZnTe thin films [1]
        Clathrate hydrate nucleation visualization [1]
        Defect analysis of phosphorus doped silicon quantum dots by electron spin resonance [1]
        Development of high-pressure rate rules for alkyl + O2 reactions [1]
        Development of neutron radiography capabilities using a radioisotope neutron source [1]
        Electrospinning lithium silicide and lithium germanide encapsulated carbon nanofibers for lithium ion batteries [1]
        Etch resistant Zn1-xMgxO alloys as an e'-acceptor for dye sensitized solar cells [1]
        Experimental investigation of endothermic fuel cracking for cooling hypersonic vehicles [1]
        Fabrication of ternary palladium alloy membranes for hydrogen production [1]
        Functional mesoporous silica nanoparticles for the selective sequestration of fatty acids [1]
        Incorporation of silicon nanoparticles into silicon based solar cells [1]
        Lithium silicide encapsulated porous carbon thin films for lithium ion batteries [1]
        Nanoethics and policy education effectiveness [1]
        Scalable nanoparticle arrays for thin-film solar cells [1]
        Silyl ether passivation of silicon quantum dots via catalytic dehydrocoupling reactions [1]
        Study of the impact of porosity on coking sensor performance, A [1]
        Synthesis of [Si1-xGex]136 type II clathrates (0.1<x<0.5): alloyed semiconductor cages in crystalline vs. amorphous products [1]