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        Atomic-scale characterization of CdTe PV through atom probe tomography [1]
        Benzoic acid surface functionalization of conduction band engineered Zn1-xMgxO layers for enhanced organic/inorganic photovoltaics [1]
        Catalyst-free 'click chemistry' of zinc oxide surfaces [1]
        Centrifugal sieve segregation in micro gravity [1]
        Centrifugal sieving for the size separation of lunar regolith in microgravity [1]
        Deformation of indium oxide nanostructures, The [1]
        Facile method for making monodispersed colloidal plantinum nanocrystals, A [1]
        Gas hydrate adhesion to mineral surfaces [1]
        Horizontal deposition of polystyrene colloids for enhanced light trapping in solar cells [1]
        Micro-scale mechanical properties of NMC lithium ion battery cathodes [1]
        Novel bimetallic catalysts for use in anion exchange membrane fuel cells [1]
        Optical spectroscopy of hybrid organic/inorganic solar cell materials [1]
        Performance analysis and introduction to optimization of ParFlow [1]
        Quantitative infrared spectroscopy of ionic liquids [1]
        Raman spectroscopy of silicon quantum dots [1]
        Renewable energy and climate change education [1]
        Renewable energy applications for oil shale drilling [1]
        Spatial frequency modulation for imaging (SPIFI) in optical and mid-IR wavelength systems [1]
        Synthesis of earth-abundant and nontoxic nanomaterials for sustainable energy: colloidal 3C-SiC quantum dots through a room temperature bottom-up method [1]
        Synthesis of phase pure tungsten carbide for high temperature H2 membranes [1]