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        Altering shear thickening of chemical mechanical polishing slurries through the addition of electrolytes and organic solvents [1]
        Bandgap engineering in graphene nanomesh for photovoltaics [1]
        Characterization of defect density of varying crystal volume fraction in nano crystalline silicon [1]
        Chemical bath deposition of hematite nanostructures for photo-electrochemical water splitting [1]
        Effect of environmental aging on the mechanical properties of PMMA material used in concentrating photovoltaics, The [1]
        Facile method for making monodispersed colloidal platinum nanocrystals, A [1]
        High performance computing applications for material physics [1]
        Investigating the metastabilities surrounding hydrogen hydrates for energy storage applications [1]
        Methods in data clustering [1]
        NMR analysis of passivated silicon quantum dots [1]
        Photoluminescence quenching and hot carrier transfer in nanocrystalline silicon [1]
        Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition synthesis of metal carbide membranes for high temperature H2 separations [1]
        Raman characterization of ZnO and Si nanowires [1]
        Recovery of iodine from produced water through anion resin exchange [1]
        Renewable energy and climate change education [1]
        Renewable energy applications for oil shale production [1]
        Successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction for organic/inorganic interfaces [1]
        Synthesis and characterization of Br- and Cl- anion exchange membranesfor use in alkaline polymer electrolyte fuel cells [1]
        Vertical alignment of gold nanorods with AC voltage [1]