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        Belt conveyors in modern mine mechanization [1]
        Beneficiation of a carnotite ore [1]
        Classification in a rotary hydraulic concentrator [1]
        Comparative flotation tests of nonmagnetic taconite using cationic reagents [1]
        Correlation of scleroscope hardness with physical and elastic properties of rock [1]
        Correlation studies of the rheological and physical properties of various types of petroleum asphalts [1]
        Corrosion potentials resulting from microstructural differences in commercially pure nickel [1]
        Decarburization and welding of gray cast iron [1]
        Design and characteristics of electrokinetic transducers, The [1]
        Development of air blast meters and the performance of fundamental crater experiments, The [1]
        Differential thermal analysis using the Deltatherm on western coking coals [1]
        Effect of bit shape on cutting action of percussion-type bits [1]
        Effect of gangue particle size on flotation [1]
        Effect of high temperature "conditioning" treatment on the hardness, microstructure, and graphitic carbon of wheel iron [1]
        Effect of particle size and addition of lead oxide on the working curve for iron, using the x-ray spectrograph [1]
        Effect of quenching temperature and soaking time upon the hardness, combined carbon and microstructure of gray cast iron [1]
        Effects of clay-mineral content on the change in effective permeability of oil sands to waters of different chemical composition [1]
        Effects of fine-size particles and pH control on fluorspar flotation, The [1]
        Electromagnetic anomalies with scale models [1]
        Exploration of mineral deposits by diamond drilling [1]