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        Copper and zinc xanthates [1]
        Corrosion: the potential of iron-carbon couples in aqueous solutions [1]
        Design and calibration of an astatic susceptibility meter [1]
        Design, construction, and calibration of calorimetric apparatus for the experimental determination of specific heats of solids at high temperatures, The [1]
        Effect of dipping strata on earth-resistivity determinations, The [1]
        Effect of dipping strata on potential-drop ratio determinations, The [1]
        Effect of preservatives on strength of wood [1]
        Energy relationships in underground flow of fluids [1]
        Field method for determining the susceptibility of rocks, A [1]
        Investigation of the action of sluice-box riffles [1]
        On the determination of magnetic susceptibilities of rocks in situ [1]
        Preliminary study of basic open-hearth slag characteristics and the correlation between them and the corresponding baths, A [1]
        Some factors that affect the marketing of petroleum products and an investigation of the effect of railroad tariffs upon marketing areas [1]
        Studies of fractures in block caving by means of concrete models [1]
        Theoretical and experimental investigation of the earth resistivity-method as applied to dipping strata, A [1]
        Theories of detonation and antiknock properties of some organic metallic compounds [1]
        Theory of high temperature specific heat determination and the formulation of specific heat equations from experimental data, The [1]
        Two neglected factors in the interpretation of magnetic anomalies [1]
        Two new planimetric methods for torsion balance terrain corrections [1]
        Wellington oil field, The: Colorado [1]