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        [Additional Payment Ordered to Muslim Carpenters] [1]
        [Alfonso Garcia de Santamaria, converso and Abbot of Compludo, leases houses of the Pataneria.] [1]
        [Alms to a imprisoned cleric in the land of Muslims] [1]
        [Alonso Rodriguez, converso, is free from paying lease. Ibo Moro, morisco, makes an offer on archdean Palenzuela's orchard. Cabanas' abbot must pay the money owed.] [1]
        [Archdean of Palenzuela Replaced by Pedro Garcia de Olmillos. Fernando Garcia, witness, morisco.] [1]
        [Authorization to Obtain Bids from Muslim Carpenters] [1]
        [Bartolome Sanchez, sieve maker and merchant, possible converso, leases houses adjacent to cathedral of Burgos.] [1]
        [Church Collects Debts from Zag de Belorado, Jew] [1]
        [Church payment to Fernando Garcia, morisco] [1]
        [Concord of chapter and its bishop with monastery of Santa Maria de las Huelgas and Hospital del Rey about their tithes] [1]
        [Debt of dean Lopez Hurtado de Mendoza with the chapter and order to arrest Jews when they owe money] [1]
        [Derramen de Porres, Muslim, to Sell the Houses] [1]
        [Diego Garcia de Vivar y Aflonso Fernandez de Viejarrua received a granted power to lease the mill. Juan Fernandez del Corral responsible for collecting debt of rented lands to Muslims. Martin Diez must pay for plaster. Juan Diez de Balbas must pay the necessary expenses] [1]
        [Fernando Garcia, morisco merchant of cloth, receives payment.] [1]
        [Fernarndo Garcia, morisco merchant, witnesses church lease of farm to a tavern keeper.] [1]
        [Gonzalo Rodriguez de Maluenda names his cousin, Gonzalo Garcia de Carvajal, as his representative] [1]
        [Grant of Lease to Audalla de Valladolid in the Muslim quarter] [1]
        [Lease Dispute between the Church and Audalla de Valladolid] [1]
        [Lease granted by this cathedral chapter for some houses on San Gil street in this city to Juan Martinez de Frias.] [1]
        [Lease Granted to Fernando Alonso and Isabel Alonso on Tenebregosa Street] [1]