Recent Submissions

  • Probabilistic Open Set Recognition 

    Contributor:Jain, Lalit Prithviraj;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Real-world tasks in computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning often touch upon the open set recognition problem: multi-class recognition with incomplete knowledge of the world and many unknown inputs. An ...
  • Toward secure sensitive data in the cloud 

    Contributor:Alsolami, Fahad Jazi;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Cloud storage and computation have many exciting features such as low cost, scalability, and unbounded resources. These features attract many individuals and organizations to migrate their sensitive data, including biometric ...
  • Automatically creating multilingual lexical resources 

    Contributor:Lam, Khang Nhut;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Bilingual dictionaries and WordNets are important resources for natural language processing tasks such as information retrieval and machine translation. However, lexical resources are usually available only for resource-rich ...
  • Moving MapReduce into the Cloud : Elasticity, Efficiency and Scalability 

    Contributor:Guo, Yanfei;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Moving MapReduce into the cloud and leveraging the elastic resource allocation of cloud computing offer an opportunity for efficiency and affordable big data analytics. However, due to the virtualization overhead, the ...
  • Toward secure, trusted, and privacy-enhanced biometrics in the cloud 

    Contributor:Albahdal, Abdullah;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Biometric technology has been used for decades as a strong method to identify and authenticate individuals. As for its effectiveness and accuracy, biometric technology has gained popularity in a wide range of fields and ...
  • Optimizing large-scale scientific applications through the integration of higher-level semantics and analytical performance modeling 

    Contributor:Guo, Jichi;
    Date Submitted:2014
    The emergence of multi-core architectures makes it essential for optimizing compilers to automatically extract parallelism for large scientific applications composed of many subroutines residing in different files. Inlining ...
  • Crossover user interface for inclusive computing 

    Contributor:Almurayh, Abdullah Saeed;
    Date Submitted:2014
    This research investigates the effectiveness of creating crossover user interfaces to allow users with different (dis)abilities to manage computing systems. This research decreases the impact of relying on assistive tools ...
  • Towards a solution of unconstrained face recognition 

    Contributor:Sapkota, Archana;
    Date Submitted:2013
    Face recognition is a process of knowing that a human face currently being perceived has been perceived before. Humans perform face recognition task several times every day and are considered good in doing so. However, the ...
  • Towards a computational unified homeland security strategy : an asset vulnerability model 

    Contributor:White, Richard;
    Date Submitted:2013
    The attacks of September 11, 2001, exposed the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to precipitating domestic catastrophic attack. In the intervening decade, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has struggled to ...
  • Ferroelectric capacitor based tunable filter circuits 

    Contributor:Aldeeb, Hassan Abdallah;
    Date Submitted:2013
    Filters are classified as: low pass, high pass, band-pass and band-stop. Band-stop filters are one of the key components in the RF front end of a microwave communication system. Band-stop filters or notch filters are useful ...
  • Ferroelectric capacitor in paraelectric state based adaptive load for power amplifier 

    Contributor:Zhang, Yulan;
    Date Submitted:2011
    Tunable high dielectric constant materials like Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) are finding multiple applications for a variety of circuits such as tunable matching networks, voltage controlled oscillators, as well as ...
  • Autonomic performance and power control in virtualized datacenters 

    Contributor:Lama, Palden;
    Date Submitted:2013
    Virtualized datacenters, the platform for supporting Cloud computing, allow diverse applications to share the underlying server resources. Due to the highly dynamic nature of Internet workloads, increasing complexity of ...
  • Increasing security for regulatory constrained systems, through new systems and architecture methodologies 

    Contributor:Pramanik, Sarah;
    Date Submitted:2013
    In the Department of Defense (DoD) vulnerabilities can result in casualties, destruction of assets, or potentially allow the enemy to either escape or infiltrate a system. This is true for other systems such as those in ...
  • Multi-tier internet service management : statistical learning approaches 

    Contributor:Muppala, Sireesha;
    Date Submitted:2013
    Modern Internet services are multi-tiered and are typically hosted in virtualized shared platforms. While facilitating flexible service deployment, multi-tier architecture introduces significant challenges for Quality of ...