• Stories within our Voices: Black Males Navigating Educational Achievement, The 

        Author(s):Green, Patricia Ann
        Date Submitted:2017-08
        Due to societal factors of institutional racism and implicit biases, the plight of Black males across the United States has been well documented (Fitzgerald, 2015; Howard; 2010; Noguera, 2008; Steele & Aronson, 1995). ...
      • Student achievement through the development of complete high school culture 

        Author(s):Lamphere, Michael Frederick
        Date Submitted:2012
        This dissertation undertook an investigation of school culture and achievement in the high school setting. The national data set ELS:2002 was used as the pool of variables because it allows for a complete picture of school ...
      • Leadership style and organizational growth : a correlational study 

        Author(s):Church, David Michael
        Date Submitted:2012
        This research project explored the dynamic relationship between leadership style and organizational achievement in an ecclesiastical setting. The correlation between transformational leadership and growth within an ...
      • Exploring The Effects of Closing Schools on Student Outcomes 

        Author(s):Medina, Paul M.
        Date Submitted:2015
        Does closing public schools affect student outcomes of displaced students? This study examines the effect of closing schools on student academic achievement of displaced students. The approach used is difference-in-differences ...