Recent Submissions

  • Ending Food Monopolization 

    Contributor:Spurgeon, Justin
    The United States has witnessed the rise of corporations engaged in monopolistic practices within food production and sale. This rise has paralleled a trend towards corporatism within government. This letter was drafted ...
  • Operation Cyclone: How the United States Defeated the Soviet Union 

    Contributor:Billard, Robert D., Jr.
    The Soviet-Afghan War was the source of increased hostilities between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1980s. The purpose of this research is to determine how much influence the United States, through covert ...
  • Sustainability of a Red Meat Diet 

    Contributor:Grounds, Thomas Christopher
    Red meat consumption in the United States has reached excessive levels over the past fifty years, maintaining an average level of consumption twice that of the rest of the world's population. Red meat consumption has been ...
  • Total War and the American Civil War: An Exploration of the Applicability of the Label "Total War" to the Conflict of 1861-1865 

    Contributor:Haines, Amy Renee
    The Civil War of 1861-1865 is labeled the first modern war in America's history. It is also labeled as a "total war." This article explores the broader definition of "total war" and whether the term is accurately applied ...
  • Continental vs. Analytic Philosophy and the Irrationality of this Division 

    Contributor:Spence, Katie Lynn
    There are two main approaches to philosophy that make up philosophical discourse: continental and analytic. Analytic philosophy is concerned with true/false premises, and continental philosophy is concerned with how things ...
  • Black Ink and White Paper: The Traditional Art of Chinese Calligraphy 

    Contributor:Peveto, Ariane
    Shu fa, or "the way of writing," is an art deeply rooted in the long tradition of aesthetic beauty in Chinese culture. Chinese calligraphy remains a vibrant and practical art form that encompasses all of that country's ...
  • Scaling Limitations of Internal Combustion Micro Engines, The 

    Contributor:Griebel, Joseph Charles Pius
    Over the past decade, there has been a large push for the miniaturization of internal combustion engines. This is largely due to the relatively high energy density of hydrocarbons, which tend to be the preferred energy ...