Recent Submissions

  • Experimental Solar Collector as a Possible Source of Thermal Energy 

    Contributor:Garcia, Paola
    The growing concern of depleting fossil fuels and the current expense involved with alternative energy methods spurred the design of a low capital cost, concentrating solar collector as a possibly viable source of thermal ...
  • Propulsion Subsystem Thermal Modeling for the FalconSat-5 Microspacecraft 

    Contributor:Laabs, Shawn
    A high fidelity thermal model was developed to insure that propulsion and payload thermal requirements are maintained during FalconSat-5's useful life and flight operations. The unique propulsion subsystem on-board the ...
  • On-Demand Droplet Generation 

    Contributor:Laabs, Shawn; Cornella, Barry Michael; Hammerland, Sean Sawyer
    The objective of this design project was to develop a working on demand droplet generator for use in ambient conditions as well as in a vacuum environment. The primary design parameters set by this project include the ...
  • Critical Analysis of Solid Rocket Motor Thrust Augmentation Using Beamed Power, A 

    Contributor:Hammerland, Sean Sawyer; Cornella, Barry Michael
    With the efficiencies of current launch systems reaching their chemical limit, there is a need to investigate improved methods of placing payloads into orbit. Although being able to improve the efficiency of a vehicle by ...