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  • Topology Inference in Store, Code, and Forward Networks 

    Contributor:Larmore, Gregory;
    Date Submitted:2016-12
    This thesis presents a technique for active topology inference in store, code, and forward networks. Many techniques exist and are well suited for store-and-forward and cut-through switching. However, these simpler techniques ...
  • Beyond Cryptography : A Multi-layer Approach to Communication Privacy 

    Contributor:Gross, Nathaniel;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    Recent developments in the field of physical-layer security are beginning to challenge commonly-held assumptions of how security can be obtained in a communication system. Conventional security practices almost always rely ...
  • Cancer screening and detection using terahertz dielectric spectroscopy 

    Contributor:Zubair, Kazi Sums;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The sensitivity of terahertz absorption to water, biological tissue structure content, and the degree of hydration of diseased tissues are exploited to distinguish between normal and malignant human skin tissues. This can ...
  • Friendly Security Code-Based Image and Audio 

    Contributor:Alharbi, Khalid A.;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The intent of our research is the development of the CAPTCHA system and improve the accessibility and usability of the CAPTCHA system. Accessibility is one of the two vital components of a CAPTCHA system. In the current ...
  • Patch antennas loaded with different resonator elements 

    Contributor:Moreno Barreiro, Ignacio;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    Nowadays, the tuning in the bandwidth and frequency is present in all the different devices and applications that we are using in our daily life. The development of 4G LTE networks and Wi-Fi are driving a dramatic increase ...
  • Fast and scalable hardware architecture for K-means clustering for big data analysis, A 

    Contributor:Raghavan, Ramprasad;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The exponential growth of complex, heterogeneous, dynamic, and unbounded data, generated by a variety of fields including health, genomics, physics, and climatology pose significant challenges in data processing and desired ...
  • Characterize the Difficulties that International Computer Science Students Face 

    Contributor:Alharbi, Eman;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    International Computer Science students, who form the majority of students in Engineering colleges in the U.S (Anderson, 2013), face a lot of difficulties and barriers that are unknown and unexpressed. Hiding these ...
  • X band substrate integrated horn array antenna for future advanced collision avoidance system 

    Contributor:Ramadurgakar, Ameya;
    Date Submitted:2015-12
    A novel compact lightweight substrate integrated waveguide based antenna array is designed, fabricated and characterized in the X-Band spectrum. One of the possible applications for such a design is in the use of future ...
  • Probabilistic Open Set Recognition 

    Contributor:Jain, Lalit Prithviraj;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Real-world tasks in computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning often touch upon the open set recognition problem: multi-class recognition with incomplete knowledge of the world and many unknown inputs. An ...
  • Toward secure sensitive data in the cloud 

    Contributor:Alsolami, Fahad Jazi;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Cloud storage and computation have many exciting features such as low cost, scalability, and unbounded resources. These features attract many individuals and organizations to migrate their sensitive data, including biometric ...
  • Automatically creating multilingual lexical resources 

    Contributor:Lam, Khang Nhut;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Bilingual dictionaries and WordNets are important resources for natural language processing tasks such as information retrieval and machine translation. However, lexical resources are usually available only for resource-rich ...
  • Reduced Order Physics Based Model of Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors 

    Contributor:Mundy, Al;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Abstract This dissertation investigates the development and use of a reduced-order model of an Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor. Electric vehicles have a requirement to source high currents when accelerating and to ...
  • Moving MapReduce into the Cloud : Elasticity, Efficiency and Scalability 

    Contributor:Guo, Yanfei;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Moving MapReduce into the cloud and leveraging the elastic resource allocation of cloud computing offer an opportunity for efficiency and affordable big data analytics. However, due to the virtualization overhead, the ...
  • Toward secure, trusted, and privacy-enhanced biometrics in the cloud 

    Contributor:Albahdal, Abdullah;
    Date Submitted:2015
    Biometric technology has been used for decades as a strong method to identify and authenticate individuals. As for its effectiveness and accuracy, biometric technology has gained popularity in a wide range of fields and ...
  • Optimizing large-scale scientific applications through the integration of higher-level semantics and analytical performance modeling 

    Contributor:Guo, Jichi;
    Date Submitted:2014
    The emergence of multi-core architectures makes it essential for optimizing compilers to automatically extract parallelism for large scientific applications composed of many subroutines residing in different files. Inlining ...
  • Gas manipulation and diagnostics of aerospace flows using optical lattices 

    Contributor:Graul, Jacob Stephen;
    Date Submitted:2014
    Optical lattices, the optical interference pattern created by the superposition of two counterpropagating laser pulses, have in recent years become a promising gas manipulation and diagnostic instrument. Recently, optical ...
  • Crossover user interface for inclusive computing 

    Contributor:Almurayh, Abdullah Saeed;
    Date Submitted:2014
    This research investigates the effectiveness of creating crossover user interfaces to allow users with different (dis)abilities to manage computing systems. This research decreases the impact of relying on assistive tools ...
  • Reduced-order physics-based model of lithium-ion batteries 

    Contributor:Lee, James Lawrence;
    Date Submitted:2012
    This dissertation introduces a method to produce a physics-based one-dimensional discrete-time state-space reduced-order model (ROM) of a lithium-ion cell. The resulting ROM can predict the five variables of a standard ...
  • Voltage controlled oscillators tuned with bst ferroelectric capacitors 

    Contributor:Kabir, Abu T.;
    Date Submitted:2012
    VCOs are the integral parts of all phase-locked loops, clock recovery circuits and frequency synthesizers. Despite continuous improvements, the design of VCOs remains the main challenge to circuit designers due to very ...
  • Electrically tunable liquid crystal millimeter wave devices 

    Contributor:Lovejoy Jr, James L.;
    Date Submitted:2012
    This work explores several tunable millimeter wave microstrip devices using a liquid crystal (LC) substrate. The LC substrate can change permittivity by applying an electric bias field which enables tunable behavior. Novel ...

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