Recent Submissions

  • Establishing a library career path before graduation 

    Contributor:Zuniga, Heidi
    An article that suggests ways library graduate students can establish a specialization prior to graduation and describes how the author gained experience in electronic resources management.
  • Preparing for a different kind of disaster: the departure of the electronic resources librarian 

    Contributor:Zuniga, Heidi
    An article that explains problems associated with employee turnover in the area of electronic resources management in libraries, as well as ways to prevent such problems.
  • Sones from an old sound room: memories from a life in audiology 

    Contributor:Downs, Marion P.
    Foreword: In case you've forgotten your first sessions of Audiology I, a Sone is a unit of loudness. It is a subjective judgment of a little piece of loudness snatched from some loudness-judging compartment in your brian. ...
  • Marion Downs and the world's premier hearing center 

    Contributor:Kempe, Annie
    The MDHC is driven to build a premier, unique and advanced hearing center, wherein all types of hearing technology and communication options are offered, where clients and families are assisted in their own personal hearing ...
  • Respiratory disturbances in congenital heart disease 

    Contributor:Davies, Hywel
    The work described in this thesis has been carried out over the period 1958-1965, having been begun during the tenure of a residency at the University of Colorado, Denver, U.S.A. At this time, surgery for the closure of ...