• Mechanisms of circadian rhythm protein period2 in cardioprotection 

        Author(s):Bartman, Colleen Marie
        Date Submitted:2018
        Throughout evolutionary time, all organisms and species on Earth evolved with an adaptation to consistent oscillations of sunlight and darkness, now recognized as ‘circadian rhythm.’ Single-cellular to multi-system organisms ...
      • Regulation of sinoatrial myocytes by aging, AKAP150, and temperature 

        Author(s):Larson, Eric
        Date Submitted:2013
        The sympathetic "fight-or-flight" acceleration of heart rate results from stimulation of β-adrenergic receptors (βARs) in myocytes in the sinoatrial node (sinoatrial myocytes; SAMs). Some of the downstream targets of βAR ...
      • Regulation of the molecular mechanisms underlying cardiac pacemaking 

        Author(s):St. Clair, Joshua Roy
        Date Submitted:2014
        Myocytes within the sinoatrial node (sinoatrial myocytes, "SAMs") generate spontaneous action potentials that initiate each heartbeat. These spontaneous action potentials are a result of coordinated ionic conductances ...