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        I like it I want it [1]
        I-M-Hotep bronze statue [1]
        I-M-Hotep plaster statue [1]
        I. E. Chandler, prescription druggist, prescription sheet. July 1, 1891 [2]
        IAIMS at Rhode Island hospital integrating the library [1]
        Ideas for consortium activity [2]
        Identification and characterization of specific inhibitors of the Eya2 phosphatase [1]
        Identification and characterization of transporter proteins involved in statin disposition and relevance to kidney and heart in chronic kidney disease [1]
        Identification of a novel post-translationally modified antigen in the NOD mouse model of autoimmune diabetes [1]
        Identification of a viral determinant of virulence in Ross River virus that modulates viral replication and fitness in disparate hosts [1]
        Identification of novel roles of the acetyltransferase GCN5 in forebrain development and function [1]
        Identifying non-receptor tyrosine kinases which regulate the pro-apoptotic function of PKCδ [1]
        Identifying rare somatic mutations as a means of understanding tissue clonal evolution [1]
        Identifying targets for improved activity and participation after dysvascular and traumatic amputation in middle age or older [1]
        If the library genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? Results and lessons learned from an annual user feedback campaign [1]
        If you could have three library wishes, what would they be? [1]
        III at Denison the week of November 18, 1994 [1]
        Illinois Eastern Hospital for the insane : Kankakee, Ill. [1]
        Illinois Society for Medical Research bulletin Number 6 October 1954 [1]
        Immune regulation of mammary gland involution reveals targets for postpartum breast cancer treatment [1]