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  • CU Libraries Summit 2020 

    Author(s):CU Libraries; University of Colorado Strauss Health Sciences Library; University of Colorado Colorado Springs Kraemer Family Library; Auraria Library; University of Colorado Boulder Libraries
    Collection of PowerPoints, notes, and presentations from the CU Libraries Summit.
  • Reducing hospital acquired pressure injuries : partners in prevention 

    Author(s):Erslev, Sarah; Children's Hospital Colorado
    Decreasing hospital acquired pressure injuries at Children's Hospital Colorado improves our nursing quality data scoring and decreases the cost of care we provide. More importantly, decreasing these injuries improves the ...
  • Librarian impact on systematic reviews 

    Author(s):Labeikovsky, Wladimir; Piper, Christi; Strauss Health Sciences Library, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
    Objective: Librarians at the University of Colorado Anschutz Strauss Health Sciences Library have seen an increase in demand for assistance on systematic review searches in recent years. Recent studies done by our librarians ...
  • Chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis : cohort characteristics and treatment course at a single center 

    Author(s):Nowicki, Katherine D.; Rogers, Nathan; Donaldson, Nathan J.; Soep, Jennifer B.; University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Children's Hospital Colorado
    Purpose - To describe the clinical characterisitcs and treatment ocurse of the patients with CNO seen in the multidisciplinary (rheumatology and orthopedic) clinic at Children's Hospital Clorado (CHCO), one of the largest ...
  • Butcher Symposium on Genomics and Biotechnology : the future of Biomedicine in Colorado, a workshop of the possible, abstracts 

    Author(s):Various authors; University of Colorado BioFrontiers Institute
    The Butcher Symposium on Genomics and Biotechnology is a CU Genomics and Biotech Initiative. The report was generated on October 24, 2002 and includes over 100 author submissions.
  • The Butcher Program Symposia, Seed Grants, and Awards : program and abstracts 

    Author(s):Various authors; University of Colorado BioFrontiers Institute
    The Butcher Program Symposia, Seed Grants, and Awards is a publication of the University of Colorado's BioFrontiers Institute. The publication includes the 2012 Awardee Abstracts, Interdisciplinary Research Highlights, ...
  • Understanding our impact: analyzing librarian involvment with systematic reviews 

    Author(s):Craven, Hannah J.; Palmer, Kristina C.; Piper, Christi R.; Strauss Health Sciences Library, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus; Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine
    Introduction: Inclusion of a librarian increases the validity of a systematic review (SR).¹ˉ⁴ The Institute for Medicine's Standards for Systematic Reviews state to work with a librarian.⁵ Previous studies analyzing quality ...
  • MeSHing with rounds: question topics asked of a clinical librarian 

    Author(s):DeSanto, Kristen; Petersen, Emily
    The objective of this poster is to demonstrate which topics are most frequently encountered by a clinical librarian during patient care rounds with a physician team.
  • If you could have three library wishes, what would they be? 

    Author(s):De Santis, Melissa; Fontenelle, Cathalina; Houghton, Vivienne
    We have a Strategic Plan and it's called "Doing Things." Why we did it: to gather feedback for the 5-year, 2013-2017, Strategic Plan.
  • Converging or colliding: staff perceptions of diversity 

    Author(s):Moser, Tina; Nugent, Ruby; Langdon, Amanda
    OBJECTIVE: To survey library staff on their perceptions concerning diversity in the workplace.
  • If the library genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? Results and lessons learned from an annual user feedback campaign 

    Author(s):De Santis, Melissa; Houghton, Vivienne; Fontenelle, Cathalina
    This poster describes the creation, results, and lessons learned from an annual "Library Wishes" user feedback campaign. Methods: From 2013 to 2015, the Health Sciences Library at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical ...
  • Focus on the forest, not the trees: a checklist for planning chapter meetings 

    Author(s):Traditi, Lisa K.; Crossno, Jon
    This poster was presented at the 2016 Joint Meeting of the Medical Library Association and the Canadian Health Sciences Library Association in Toronto CA in May 2016. Objective: After successfully planning a meeting of ...
  • Social Media: an academic library's perspective 

    Author(s):Fontenella, Cathalina; Houghton, Vivienne
    At the CU Anschutz Health Sciences Library, we began our Social Media presence by creating a Task Force in 2013 to oversee and direct our platforms. We're using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and a Wordpress ...
  • Websites: an academic library's perspective 

    Author(s):Fontenella, Cathalina; Houghton, Vivienne
    A website is essential when serving the public. A significant portion of your clients may not ever enter your building, or live in your neighborhood. Therefore, it is important that your website be accessible.
  • Rehabbing our communications infrastructure: report of a staff survey on communications preferences 

    Author(s):De Santis, Melissa
    The Health Sciences Library wanted to see if there were preferred communication preferences within their staff. A survey was created and sent to all staff. Staff were not required to complete the survey, but they were ...
  • Where the evidence leads: future space needs and institutional priorities 

    Author(s):Perry, Gerald
    Where the Evidence Leads: Future Space Needs and Institutional Priorities. PURPOSE: This portion of the panel presentation will address the master planning process utilized by most sizable institutions to manage future ...
  • Road map to creating capacity in Education & Reference, A 

    Author(s):Perry, Gerald; Traditi, Lisa K.; Stehle, Douglas; DeSantis, Melissa
    Objectives: To create more capacity for Education & Reference Librarians to work on systematic reviews, specialized consultations, teaching within the curriculum, and partnering with campus faculty in an academic health ...
  • Diversity terms unbound: explore, engage, envision research through PubMed and the Health Sciences Library 

    Author(s):Jones, John; Fox, Lynne M.
    The Health Sciences Library was invited to display a poster at a campus wide diversity event. In order to capitalize on our opportunity we created a poster that would actively engage and educate participants. Our goal ...
  • Web content management: content strategy, personal websites and web design for instruction 

    Author(s):Houghton, Vivienne
    Wishing to avoid "death by PowerPoint," Vivienne Houghton built this site as a way to share and present about web content management using "Wix" -- a fun, free and easy-to-use site builder -- to show her audience how easy ...
  • MLA 2014: Building our information future 

    Author(s):Hoffecker (Takahashi), Lilian; Abbey, Dana
    What's the difference between altmetrics and other measures of research influence? Exploring alternative metrics, impact factors, and more. This set of power point slides summarizes our pilot study examining two altmetric ...

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