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        Antiviral restriction factors IFITM1, 2 and 3 do not inhibit infection of human papillomavirus, cytomegalovirus and adenovirus, The [1]
        Antiviral restriction factors interferon-inducible transmembrane (IFITM) proteins, The [1]
        Brr2 plays a role in spliceosomal activation in addition to U4/U6 unwinding [1]
        Cabell's scholarly analytics. Resource review [1]
        CaMKII binding to GluN2B is differentially affected by macromolecular crowding reagents [1]
        Case report: combination antifungal therapy in the treatment of Scedosporium apiospermum central nervous system infections [1]
        Challenging library support of article processing charges [1]
        Combining computational analyses and interactive visualization for document exploration and sensemaking in jigsaw [1]
        Effectiveness of physical exam signs for early detection of critical illness in pediatric systemic inflammatory response syndrome [1]
        Encephalomyeloneuropathy with CRMP-5 antibodies in a patient with a primary mediastinal serinoma [1]
        Establishing a library career path before graduation [1]
        Female adolescents with severe substance and conduct problems have substantially less brain gray matter volume [1]
        Hepatitis C virus pathogen associated molecular pattern (PAMP) triggers production of lambda-interferons by human plasmacytoid dendritic cells [1]
        High resolution mapping of modified DNA nucleobases using excision repair enzymes [1]
        Inhibition of lipid oxidation increases glucose metabolism and enhances 2-deoxy-2-[¹⁸F]fluoro-D-glucose uptake in prostate cancer mouse xenografts [1]
        Iron-regulated expression of alginate production, mucoid phenotype, and biofilm formation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa [1]
        Kv1 channels and neural processing in vestibular calyx afferents [1]
        Mode of genetic inheritance modifies the association of head circumference and autism-related symptoms: a cross-sectional study [1]
        Motivational interviewing with American Indian mothers to prevent early childhood caries: study design and methodology of a randomized control trial [1]
        Nurse managers' perceptions towards the roles they play in a resource- limited hospital setting in Western Kenya. [1]