Recent Submissions

  • Sprout studies in the Paragon Public School drawing book 

    Artist(s):Denison, Henry S.
    Pencil and water color drawings of lima bean, red bean, and corn sprouts. Henry signed the front cover.
  • Great grandmother's recipes 

    Author(s):Denison, Ella Strong
    On the cover: "Great Grandmothers recipes 1910? F. Sabin recipe was doctor friend of Henry Denison. Grandfather of Elizabeth Stewart Barr, Jauyin Berry Sebastian(?) he died 1912. F. Sabin referred to in bio of H.D. in book ...
  • Piano composition 

    Author(s):Denison, Henry S.
    The piano composition, written in Henry's hand, was composed in a sheet music booklet purchased from the Denver Music Co. The front cover has a white label with Henry's signature.
  • Correspondence with Henry 

    Author(s):Denison, Ella Strong
    The letters are from and to Henry, to his parents and grandparents, and vice versa. They begin with his parents and grandparents writing to each other about Henry's birth and antics as he grows. In 1889 Henry, at six years ...