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        Falls, fall injuries and the aging workforce [1]
        Food source prediction of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) outbreaks using demographic and outbreak characteristics, United States, 1998-2013 [1]
        HANDDS program: decreasing disparities in cardiac arrest survival, The [1]
        Heart failure disease management in skilled nursing facilities [1]
        Human influenza A virus infections in rural communities in Indonesia: a small area spatial analysis [1]
        Impact of a changing client risk profile on nurse family partnership's preterm birth outcomes, The [1]
        Impact of IDU on HIV viral load after treatment initiation taking into account left-censoring and nonignorable dropout [1]
        Incident myocardial infarction and all-cause mortality is predicted by coronary artery calcium in heavy smokers [1]
        Increasing live kidney donation in the United States [1]
        Integrative network analysis of host-transcriptome, microbiome and microbial translocation markers in chronic HIV-1 infection [1]
        International prevalence and cross-national consistency of sociodemographic risk factors for corporal punishment and harsh verbal punishment of children [1]
        Investigating bias in a population-level electronic health record surveillance system of individuals with congenital heart disease [1]
        Investigating the relationship between maternal diet and infant adiposity [1]
        Is collaboration between nonprofit hospitals and local health departments effective? An analysis of hospital community benefit activities [1]
        Knot selection strategies for semiparametric varying coefficient models applied to longitudinal cohorts with multiple dropout reasons [1]
        Machine learning in neuroimaging based modalities using support vector machines with wavelet kernels [1]
        Machine learning methods with hierarchical data [1]
        Marijuana use on quality of life outcomes in HIV-infected men [1]
        Methods for quantifying outcome misclassification bias in electronic health record-based studies of immunization schedule safety [1]
        Mixed-methods approach to characterizing cross-sector collaboration and its effects in nurse-family partnership, A [1]