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        Effect of Medical Home legislation on Colorado’s pediatric practices and health services use in children on Medicaid, The [1]
        Effect of Medicare coverage expansions on ethnoracial disparities in dementia screening, diagnosis and treatment, The [1]
        Effect of provider choice on competition in the health insurance market: understanding the trade-offs and opportunity costs, The [1]
        Effect of traumatic brain injury State laws on incident and recurrent concussion rates, The [1]
        Effects of missing data on outcome-dependent sampling methods for longitudinal cohorts with binary data [1]
        Epidemiology of prescription opioid abuse using the RADARS® System Poison Center data: variation by geography, drug class, and medical marijuana legislation [1]
        Epidemiology of self-injurious behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders [1]
        Estimating the relative impact of service utilization and service cost on total expenditures across hospitals [1]
        Evaluating potential mechanisms of cardiovascular damage in women across the lifecourse [1]
        Evaluation of a medical home transitions of care intervention in a safety net setting [1]
        Evaluation of intrinsic and extrinsic factors associated with injury rates and patterns among recreational skiers and snowboarders at a Colorado ski resort [1]
        Examination of lethal means restriction practices for suicide prevention, An [1]
        Examining the relationship between obstructive sleep apnea, pulmonary abnormalities, and cardiovascular disease [1]
        Exploration of spatial radiomic features in pulmonary sarcoidosis, An [1]
        Exploring the etiologic role of omega-3 fatty acids in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis [1]
        Exploring the landscape of allele-specific expression in nasal epithelium of asthmatic patients and simulating allele-specific read counts accounting for correlation [1]
        Falls, fall injuries and the aging workforce [1]
        Food source prediction of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) outbreaks using demographic and outbreak characteristics, United States, 1998-2013 [1]
        HANDDS program: decreasing disparities in cardiac arrest survival, The [1]
        Heart failure disease management in skilled nursing facilities [1]