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        Bayesian semi-parametric methods for non-ignorable dropout [1]
        Calculating power for the general linear multivariate model and the general linear mixed model [1]
        Chronic pain and long-term Opioid therapy (LTOT) in U.S. veterans between 2008 and 2015 : trends in the prevalence of chronic pain, the effect of LTOT on emergency department utilization, and a novel machine learning approach to instrumental variable analysis [1]
        Cmparison of risk Loci in familial and sporadic pulmonary fibrosis cases, A [1]
        Comparison of approaches to the investigation of gene-environment interactions when using out of study controls, A [1]
        Comparison of imputation and prediction methods for classification of Chagas disease, A [1]
        Comparison of regression methods for immunological count data [1]
        Comparison of semi-parametric approaches to model nonlinear outcome trajectories in the presence of nonignorable dropout, A [1]
        Comparison of two-stage FPCA and bayesian mixture models applied to physical activity accelerometer data : pattern identification and group classification, A [1]
        Computationally efficient spatial point process framework for characterizing lung computed tomography scans, A [1]
        Consequences of exposure to maternal diabetes on offspring puberty and adiposity [1]
        COPD mortality in Colorado: the role of environmental exposures, regionality and ethnicity [1]
        Cost-effective solutions to healthcare-associated infection prevention at the hospital and national level [1]
        Description of a clinical population of sarcoidosis and examination of the association between cigarette smoking and sarcoidosis severity [1]
        Design and application of sequential clinical trials with bivariate outcomes [1]
        Determinants of patient acceptance and barriers to rapid HIV screening in the Denver Health Emergency Department [1]
        Determining the optimal level of objectively measured physical activity for long-term weight loss and the association between motivational profiles and physical activity adoption and maintenance [1]
        Development and translation of bayesian methods for analyzing time series of hormone concentration data [1]
        Development of a tissue augmented Bayesian model for expression quantitative trait Loci analysis [1]
        Dietary patterns and metabolomics in the nutrition etiology of type 1 diabetes [1]