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        Age-related etiologic heterogeneity in the onset of islet autoimmunity [1]
        Analysis of 2-visit COPDgene data with consideration of missing data [1]
        Application of joint longitudinal-survival models to bivariate decision making in clinical trials, The [1]
        Applications of policy analysis on health outcomes [1]
        Applications of susceptible infectious recovered models for measles risk in Colorado schools and childcare centers [1]
        Applications of zero-heavy finite mixture models to identification of exacerbation-prone patients in COPDGene [1]
        Assessing the impact of two statewide family planning initiatives on birth rates : outcomes from the Colorado Family Planning Initiative and the Iowa initiative to reduce unintended pregnancies [1]
        Assessing the value of access to urgent care in an integrated health system : an analysis of Kaiser Colorado's urgent care implementation [1]
        Associations between payment reforms and cardiac rehabilitation in traditional Medicare beneficiaries : use of cardiac rehabilitation following payment incentives and penalties, and its relationship to 30-day all-cause readmission ratios [1]
        Associations between physical activity, neighborhood built environment features, and social capital in the rural setting of Colorado’s San Luis Valley [1]
        Associations of exposure to physical activity and smoking during pregnancy and offspring body composition: the healthy start study [1]
        Bayesian semi-parametric methods for non-ignorable dropout [1]
        Calculating power for the general linear multivariate model and the general linear mixed model [1]
        Chronic pain and long-term Opioid therapy (LTOT) in U.S. veterans between 2008 and 2015 : trends in the prevalence of chronic pain, the effect of LTOT on emergency department utilization, and a novel machine learning approach to instrumental variable analysis [1]
        Cmparison of risk Loci in familial and sporadic pulmonary fibrosis cases, A [1]
        Comparison of approaches to the investigation of gene-environment interactions when using out of study controls, A [1]
        Comparison of imputation and prediction methods for classification of Chagas disease, A [1]
        Comparison of regression methods for immunological count data [1]
        Comparison of semi-parametric approaches to model nonlinear outcome trajectories in the presence of nonignorable dropout, A [1]
        Comparison of two-stage FPCA and bayesian mixture models applied to physical activity accelerometer data : pattern identification and group classification, A [1]