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        Lead (Pb) exposure and delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALAD) polymorphisms in Pueblo, Colorado children [1]
        Molecular insight into Mirabilis rotundifolia (Greene) Standley to improve management decisions [1]
        Monitoring antimicrobials, triclosan and triclocarban, using active and passive sampling techniques in Fountain Creek and Arkansas River, CO [1]
        Monitoring atmospheric mercury using deciduous leaves [1]
        Mutarotation of monosaccharides [1]
        Mythological Titan: popular culture's transformation of Titanic into a representative character, A [1]
        Novel approach to intramolecularly trapping a persulfoxide [1]
        Oppression, injustice, and authority: current events in the composition classroom [1]
        Parkview Medical Center microbiology internship report [1]
        Phenomenological perspective on the relation of mood and significance [1]
        Phylogenetic analysis of hypothetical protein sequences homologous to M1 aminopeptidases [1]
        Pressurized liquid and microwave assisted extraction & analysis of anthropogenic compounds in river sediments [1]
        Pt. 1. Mutarotation of monosaccharides, Pt. 2. Toxicity of triclocarban & triclosan [1]
        Reclaiming Aztlan: Southern Colorado and Chicano activism of the 1970s [1]
        Recommendations for the successful captive breeding of North American river otters (Lontra canadensis) [1]
        Seeds of desperation and the flowers of hope: short prose on the Irish potato famine [1]
        Shakespeare’s Henry V and the curse of the cradle king [1]
        Shaping confusion: keeping alive the things we forgot we remembered [1]
        Silas Deane the drafting of the 1778 Treaty of Alliance [1]
        Small steel in a big war [1]