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        Effect of adding alternative methods of ethics instruction to baccalaureate nursing programs [1]
        Effect of galactose as a carbon source on exocellular Penicillium Fellutanum glycopeptides, The [1]
        Effect of substance abuse lecture on baccalaureate nursing students' attitudes toward opioid-addicted patients [1]
        Effect of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the uptake of the human pharmaceutical carbamazepine from fortified and biosolids-amended soils, The [1]
        Effects of a synbiotic diet on the structure and strength of cortical bone in aging male mice [1]
        Effects of co-activation of cannabinoid type 2 and estrogen receptors on osteogenesis in cultured primary human osteoblasts [1]
        Effects of rhizosphere bacteria (Azospirillum Brasilense, Pseudomonas flurorescens and Pseudomanas on carbamazepine uptake from reclaimed water in corn [1]
        Efficient management approaches to high elevation trout fisheries: a case study of Bison Reservoir [1]
        Energy modeling and possible renewable energy solutions for airports [1]
        Environmental econometrics statistical analysis of General Motors [1]
        Examination of baccalaureate nursing students' readiness for practice [1]
        Explaining variation in songbird blood mercury using trophic level, foraging behavior, migratory behavior, and phylogeny [1]
        Explorations of LGBTQ-related content in Colorado associate and baccalaureate-level professional nursing education [1]
        Fecal matter as a novel, noninvasive sample for monitoring exposure of freshwater aquatic mammals to anthropogenic organic contaminants [1]
        Fourier analysis of periodic ocular structures - a preliminary investigation [1]
        Gamification and the creation of academic writer's identity [1]
        Gene activity analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae metallo-aminopeptidase gene deletion strains using DNA microarrays and verification with quantitative RT-PCR [1]
        Geospatial model of the universal soil loss equation for Fremont County, Colorado and the universal soil loss equation applied to fuels reduction treatments [1]
        Hydroelectric power generation and distribution planning under supply uncertainty [1]
        Identification of a dog-specific bacteroides 16S rRNA genetic marker for the quantification of nonpoint source fecal pollution [1]