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        Magaleno "Len" Avila (center in green shirt/white pants), Brown Berets holding Mexican flag, Regents Hall, CU-Boulder [1]
        Mary Ripon Theater, CU-Boulder [1]
        Neva Romero, who was martyred in the Los Seis de Boulder bombings. [1]
        Picket line outside of the Arts and Sciences Building (Helms) at CU-Boulder (Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) [1]
        Playwright/filmmaker and prominent United Farmworkers Union activist Luis Valdez. [1]
        Press conference following the death of Ricardo Falcon; Seated l to r - Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, Francisco “Kiko” Martinez, Pricilla Falcon, and Danny Rodriguez. [1]
        Press conference following the release of Reies Lopez Tijerina (second from left, seated L to R: Patsy Tijerina (Reies’wife) and Reyes Martinez. Standing behind is Ray Otero. [1]
        Protest/sit-in outside of the Arts and Sciences Building (Helms) at CU-Boulder [1]
        Ray and Nancy, with guitars, Teatro de Ustedes [1]
        Reyes Martinez, Reies Lopez Tijerina, Ray Otero, Patsy Tijerina, unidentified woman (left to right), Boulder, Colo., ca. 1972 [1]
        Ricardo Falcon (middle) wearing Mexicano style vest; Lupe and Danny Valles (seated right); Brian and Ester Sanchez (on left); at University of Colorado, Boulder. [1]
        Ricardo Falcon's funeral. Ricardo Falcon's casket is draped with red, black, white United Farmworkers Union flag, with signature black “Huelga Eagle” and the words PUEBLO. [1]
        Ricardo Sanchez on stage at unknown event, Texas [1]
        Roberto "Che" Lara (left) [1]
        Ron Quintana (left) and unknown man [1]
        Students outside Arts and Sciences Building (Helms) at CU-Boulder [1]
        Students outside Arts and Sciences Building (Helms) at CU-Boulder? [1]
        Teatro de Ustedes in a performance featuring, Magaleno “Len” Avila (kneeling), Brian Sanchez (standing, blue shirt), and “Corn” Maiz (standing, wearing white shirt w/ “Huelga Eagle” armband. [1]
        Teatro de Ustedes: Danny and Lupe Vallez, with Brian Sanchez and Unknown performer. [1]
        UMAS march, Boulder, Colo., ca. 1974 [1]