The Colorado Agriculture Bibliography is a comprehensive bibliography of core literature related to the study of agriculture and rural life in Colorado, 1820-1945. The key topics for this grant-funded project are agriculture, education, home economics, irrigation and water, mining and geology, recreation and tourism, sugar beets, and transportation. The scope is reflective of a broad view of the history of Colorado, for "Colorado was and is more than just growing crops: mountain ranges, watersheds, and pioneer trails shaped the lives of Coloradans."1 The complete bibliography2 provides references to over 16,000 resources in a variety of formats, mainly books, journals, and theses and dissertations.

The Colorado Agriculture Bibliography consists of digital copies of 346 items referenced in the bibliography, specifically those resources which ranked highly on a rating scale used in the creation of the bibliography, supplemented by 17 subject-specific bibliographies that were prepared in conjunction with the original grant. Another 1,115 items may be found in other collections in Mountain Scholar (search for "Colorado Agriculture Bibliography" with quotes in search box at upper right), bringing the total to 1,461 items published between 1864 and 1989. Approximately 80% of the items are Colorado State University monographs.

The Colorado State Libraries gratefully acknowledges the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), which funded Preserving the History of United States Agriculture and Rural Life: State and Local Literature, 1820-1945, a nationwide effort to identify and preserve state and locally significant literature related to agricultural life. We also acknowledge, with gratitude, grants for digitization from the United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) in partnership with NEH for Preservation of Colorado Agriculture Literature: National Preservation Program for Agricultural Literature, 2006-2009, and from Project CERES, a program3 which supports the retention and preservation of print materials essential to the study of the history and economics of agriculture, 2016-2018.


1Watson, Renae J., Allison V. Level, and Beth Oehlerts (2019). "Ten Years and Counting: Preserving and Sharing Colorado's Agricultural History Online," Journal of Agricultural & Food Information, DOI: 10.1080/10496505.2019.1576529.

2For more information about the bibliography, please visit Colorado Agriculture and Rural Life: Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Material Published 1820-1945.

3Managed by USAIN, the Agriculture Network Information Collaborative, and the Center for Research Libraries.

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