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        ACB armoring potential failure modes at dam embankments and spillways [1]
        Advances in the understanding of the hydraulic behavior of wedge-shape block spillways [1]
        Applications of numerical methods in design and evaluation of overtopping protection systems [1]
        Areal-reduction factors for the Colorado Front Range and analysis of the September 2013 Colorado Storm [1]
        Cost-effective numerical modeling for evaluation of overtopping protection systems [1]
        Dams and overtopping: a polyhedral relationship [1]
        Embankment overtopping protection by riprap considering interstitial flow [1]
        Field trial for air entrained grout enriched roller compacted concrete [1]
        Hydraulic and stability analysis of the supporting layer of wedge-shaped blocks [1]
        Insights from laboratory experiments on the failure of earthen embankments at bridge-waterway abutments [1]
        Lessons learned from articulating concrete block (ACB) field installations [1]
        Model for the analysis of the structural failure of the clay core in rockfill dams due to overtopping, A [1]
        Overflow for the complete failure of the downstream shell of a rockfill dam [1]
        Overtopping performance of earthen dams during record flooding in Columbia, South Carolina [1]
        Performance of RCC used for overtopping protection and spillways [1]
        Performance of Type III stilling basins for stepped spillways [1]
        Pressure and velocity distributions in plunge pools [1]
        Proposed USACE EM 1110-2-1913 erosion analysis guidance [1]
        Root causes of tailings dam overtopping: the economics of risk & consequence [1]
        Soil-cement for high-velocity spillway flow applications [1]