The Campus Events Collection consists of documents dated 1884 to 1974, with the bulk falling from 1960 to 1970. The collection documents events held on the campus of Colorado State University. Materials include lectures and commencement addresses, event programs, brochures for performances and exhibitions, and photographs. The collection is presented here in its entirety.

Recent Submissions

  • 1964 Shakespeare anniversary, The 

    Author(s):Colorado State University
    Format:certificates; letters (correspondence)
    Certificate given to Colorado State University from the Trustees of Shakespeare's birthplace for a gift of one chair. Includes letter stating the certificate will be put in CSU archives.
  • Three photographs of crowds 

    Three photographs of a large crowd of people standing.
  • ...a building is... as a building does… 

    Booklet for the Student Center at Colorado State University. Includes building maps, photographs, and information about the rooms and activities.
  • Future of graduate education, The: a centennial symposium lecture 

    Author(s):Arlt, Gustave O.; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Lecture given by Gustave O. Arlt at Centennial Symposium, April 4, 1970.
  • "Enough and to spare" 

    Author(s):Alter, Doctor Chester M.; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for August 25, 1967 commencement, delivered by Doctor Chester M. Alter.
  • Commencement address 

    Author(s):Allot, Gordon; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for August 23, 1968 commencement, delivered by Gordon Allot.
  • Commencement address 

    Author(s):Anderson, Robert; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for 1966 commencement, delivered by Robert Anderson. Includes "Quote of the Month" in NADA magazine, by Robert Anderson.
  • Commencement: Colorado State University 

    Author(s):Haworth, Leland J., Dr.; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Remarks for June 3, 1966 commencement, delivered by Doctor Leland J. Haworth.
  • Planning for peace 

    Author(s):Clark, Joseph S.; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for August 20, 1965 summer session commencement, delivered by Senator Joseph S. Clark.
  • Martha Trimble, Roy Romer and others 

    Photograph of Martha Trimble, posing with a shovel, and Roy Romer, posing with an axe. A group of people are posing behind them.
  • Paul Bunyan and the renaissance man 

    Author(s):McCain, James A.; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for June 6, 1965 commencement, delivered by James A. McCain.
  • Prospects for the future 

    Author(s):Schriever, General B. A.; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for August 7, 1964 commencement, delivered by General B. A. Schriever.
  • Keynote address: fall leadership conference 

    Author(s):Lilly, Robert E.; Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Keynote address for fall leadership conference, delivered by Robert E. "Bob" Lilly.
  • New adventure in education, A 

    Author(s):Horlacher, Walter; Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for commencement of graduate school and summer session, delivered by Walter R. Horlacher.
  • Higher education, 1958: "…a need for educational statesmanship" 

    Author(s):Alter, Chester M.; Colorado State University
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Condensed address for University of Denver Founders day dinner, delivered by Chester M. Alter.
  • Democracy and the land-grant colleges 

    Author(s):Eisenhower, Milton S.; Colorado A & M College
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for the seventy-fifth anniversary celebration of the founding of Colorado A and M College, delivered by Milton S. Eisenhower.
  • Excerpts from Fort Collins Express account of address to class of 1915 

    Author(s):Aylesworth, Barton O.; Colorado Agricultural College
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address excerpts from class of 1915 commencement, as accounted from the Fort Collins Expressed, delivered by Barton O. Aylesworth.
  • Excerpts from the Fort Collins Express account of address to class of 1913 

    Author(s):Bessey, Doctor C. E.; Colorado Agricultural College
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address excerpts from class of 1913 commencement, delivered by Doctor C. E. Bessey.
  • Excerpts from the Fort Collins Review's account of address to class of 1911 

    Author(s):Tobin, John J.; Colorado Agricultural College
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address excerpts from class of 1911 commencement, delivered by Senator John J. Tobin.
  • Address to graduating class 

    Author(s):Ellis, Alston; Colorado Agricultural College
    Format:speeches (documents)
    Address for June 9, 1892 commencement, delivered by Alston Ellis, president of State Agricultural College.

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