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        1/ƒ noise for intermittent quantum dots exhibits nonstationarity and critical exponents [1]
        Accurate characterization of winter precipitation using multi-angle snowflake camera, visual hull, advanced scattering methods and polarimetric radar [1]
        Age-related changes in arterial blood-gas variables in Holstein calves at moderate altitude [1]
        Arabidopsis mitogenome variation [1]
        Arabidopsis thaliana VOZ (Vascular plant One-Zinc finger) transcription factors are required for proper regulation of flowering time [1]
        Behavioral responses associated with a human-mediated predator shelter [1]
        BIM use by architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry in educational facility projects [1]
        Biomass for thermochemical conversion: targets and challenges [1]
        Building a multi-institutional and interdisciplinary team to develop a zoonotic tuberculosis roadmap [1]
        Carbon-degrading enzyme activities stimulated by increased nutrient availability in Arctic tundra soils [1]
        Challenges of maintaining indigenous ecological knowledge, The [1]
        Characterising the impacts of emerging energy development on wildlife, with an eye towards mitigation [1]
        Characterizing the impacts of emerging energy development on wildlife, with an eye towards mitigation [1]
        Chemical and mechanical defenses vary among maternal lines and leaf ages in Verbascum thapsus L. (Scrophulariaceae) and reduce palatability to a generalist insect [1]
        Collaborative concession in food movement networks: the uneven relations of resource mobilization [1]
        Comparative demography of an at-risk African elephant population [1]
        Confounding factors in algal phosphorus limitation experiments [1]
        Devastating decline of forest elephants in Central Africa [1]
        Effects of 28Si ions, 56Fe ions, and protons on the induction of murine acute myeloid .eukemia and hepatocellular carcinoma [1]
        Effects of recreation on animals revealed as widespread through a global systematic review [1]