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        Designing a supplemental irrigation system [1]
        Drought induced problems and responses of small towns and rural water entities in Colorado: the 1976-1978 drought [1]
        Drought management in northeastern Colorado [1]
        Drought predictions [1]
        Economic analysis of water use in Colorado's economy, An [1]
        Economic and environmental impacts of a large scale water transfer in the Colorado River Basin [1]
        Economic input-output study of the High Plains region of eastern Colorado, An [1]
        Economic role of water in Colorado: an input-output analysis, The [1]
        Economics and administration of water resources [2]
        Economics of ground water development in the High Plains of Colorado [1]
        Effectiveness of drought predictions [1]
        Emerging challenges and opportunities for irrigation managers: energy, efficiency and infrastructure [1]
        Energy and water scarcity and the irrigated agricultural economy of the Colorado High Plains: direct economic and hydrologic impact forecasts (1979-2020) [1]
        Energy, climate, environment and water - issues and opportunities for irrigation and drainage [1]
        Evapotranspiration of phreatophytes in the San Luis Valley, Colorado [1]
        Evolution of the Bureau of Reclamation: an insider historian's perspective on the legacy and the challenge [1]
        Federal water storage projects: pluses and minuses [1]
        Fifth international conference on irrigation and drainage [1]
        From storage to retention: expanding California's options for meeting its water needs [1]
        Ground water and surface water under stress: competition, interaction, solutions [1]