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        Variations in irrigation district voting and election procedures [1]
        Venturi meters constructed with pipe fittings: an under-appreciated option for measuring agricultural water [1]
        Verifying conservation estimates for on-farm agricultural water conservation programs [2]
        Viet Nam: creating conditions for improved irrigation service delivery - the case of the Phuoc Hoa water resources project [1]
        Water banking in Colorado: an experiment in trouble? [1]
        Water banking in Idaho [1]
        Water conservation and irrigation efficiency: a case study of Turlock Irrigation District's data management system for irrigation operations, environmental monitoring, and energy production [1]
        Water district management and governance [1]
        Water for agriculture and waterfowl [1]
        Water for agriculture and wildlife and the environment: win-win opportunities [1]
        Water for irrigation, streams and economy: evaluating past and future climate change to secure a reliable water supply for multiple needs [1]
        Water leases and limited irrigation: opportunities and challenges for Colorado's South Platte Basin [1]
        Water markets in Pakistan [1]
        Water production functions for high plains crops [1]
        Water resources planning - are you ready? [1]
        Water resources planning to water transfers to modernization of an irrigation district: Oakdale Irrigation District case study [1]
        Water reuse in droughts and deserts [1]
        Water rights and related water supply issues [1]
        Water supply enhancement project for the Poso Creek integrated regional water management plan region [1]
        Water transfers in California: 20 years of progress, view to the future [1]