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        Land application of adit water on historic mine tailings at Stillwater Mine [1]
        Large scale automation experiences [1]
        Linear programming applied in the combined operation of the laterals and the ponds [1]
        Local groundwater management districts and Kansas state agencies share authority and responsibility for transition to long term management of the High Plains Aquifer [1]
        Looking past the near term [1]
        Lower Colorado River Basin [1]
        Lower Rio Grande Valley [1]
        Machu Picchu: its engineering infrastructure [1]
        Management and scheduling of water orders [1]
        Managing the eastern San Joaquin County Sub-Basin: an urban/ag partnership case study: Stockton East Water District [1]
        Managing water supply and demand in the time of drought: conference proceedings [1]
        Manning's n values for floodplains with shrubs and woody vegetation [1]
        Mapping ET in southeastern Colorado using a surface aerodynamic temperature model [1]
        Marketing and financing a water bank: "first get your house in order" [1]
        Meeting Colorado's future water supply needs: opportunities and challenges associated with potential agricultural water conservation measures [1]
        Meeting irrigation demands in a water-challenged environment [27]
        Meeting irrigation demands in a water-challenged environment: SCADA and technology: tools to improve production [1]
        Meeting the challenge of improving management of a shared water resource in the Lower Colorado River Basin - a California experience [1]
        Meeting water challenges in Idaho through water banking [1]
        Method for irrigation scheduling based on soil moisture data acquisition [1]