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        Farm size, irrigation practices, & on-farm irrigation efficiency in New Mexico's Elephant Butte Irrigation District [1]
        Farmer adoption of irrigation water conservation measures in the South Platte River Basin [1]
        Farmers and urban water managers working together to seek solutions: if water is going to be transferred from ag to urban, how can we "get it right?" [1]
        Federal bureaucracy and locality: a case study of the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users' Association's management of its water commons [1]
        Federal water storage projects: pluses and minuses [1]
        Field testing of SACMAN automated canal control system [1]
        Fish friendly water for agricultural, urban and environmental needs: a California case study [1]
        Flow calibration of the Bryan Canal radial gate at the United Irrigation District [1]
        Flow measurement capabilities of diversion works in the Rio Grande project area [1]
        Flow measurement with long-throated flumes under uncertain submergence [1]
        Flow rate indexing procedure - QIP [1]
        Framework for the San Joaquin Valley integrated regional water management plan [1]
        Fresno Irrigation District's three-year maintenance and facility upgrade plan [1]
        From canyons to canals: applying regulated river research to canal bank analysis [1]
        From growing crops to growing cities: SRP's transition from ag to urban [1]
        From storage to retention: expanding California's options for meeting its water needs [1]
        Funding programs for water management and efficiency measures [1]
        Ganges water resources [1]
        Gate automation and centralized control in a south central Texas irrigation district [1]
        Gila Gravity Main Canal [1]