• Forests and water: a state-of-the-art review for Colorado 

        Author(s):Stednick, John D.; MacDonald, Lee H.; Troendle, Charles T.; Binkley, Dan; Chambers, Carl; Gosnell, Ron; Hays, Polly; Merrit, Dave; Wiley, Rocky; Wind, Brad; Cech, Tom; Holsinger, Kent; Colorado Water Resources Research Institute
        Date Issued:2003
        Forests occupy 22.6 million acres in Colorado, or 32 percent of the land area, and nearly three-quarters of the forest lands in Colorado are in public ownership. About 55 percent of the forested area is considered suitable ...
      • Effectiveness of forestry related Best Management Practices in the Trout Creek Watershed, Colorado 

        Author(s):Stednick, John D.; Teves, Nani Bay; Geological Survey (U.S.); Colorado Water Resources Research Institute
        Date Issued:2005
        In multiuse forests the majority of nonpoint source pollution is typically sediment. Best management practices (BMPs) are implemented to reduce or prevent this pollutant, however little research has been done to quantify ...