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        Effects of flow diversion on downstream channel form in mountain streams [1]
        Effects of releases of sediment from reservoirs on stream biota [1]
        Effects of water conservation on new water supply for urban Colorado utilities, The [1]
        Effects of wilderness legislation on water-project development in Colorado [1]
        Empirical application of a model for estimating the recreation value of instream flow, An [1]
        Empirical application of a model for estimating the recreation value of water in reservoirs compared to instream flow [1]
        Endangered Species Act and water development within the South Platte Basin, The [1]
        Engineering and ecological evaluation of antitranspirants for increasing runoff in Colorado watersheds [1]
        Enhanced microbial reclamation of water polluted with toxic organic chemicals [1]
        Estimation of groundwater recharge using neutron probe moisture readings near Golden, Colorado [1]
        Eutrophication of reservoirs on the Colorado Front Range [1]
        Evaluation and implementation of urban drainage and flood control projects [1]
        Evaluation of design flow criteria for effluent discharge permits in Colorado [1]
        Evaluation of SAMSON for use in a South Platte decision support system [1]
        Evaluation of the storage of diffuse sources of salinity in the Upper Colorado River Basin [1]
        Evaluation of urban water management policies in the Denver metropolitan area [1]
        Evaporation from soil as affected by salt, strucutre, and texture [1]
        Evaporation of wastewater from mountain cabins [1]
        Evaporation of water as related to wind barriers [1]
        Evapotranspiration of native vegetation in the closed basin of the San Luis Valley, Colorado [1]