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        Investigation of the fate of individual sewage disposal system effluent in Turkey Creek Basin, Colorado [1]
        Irrigation practices, water consumption, & return flows in Colorado's Lower Arkansas River Valley: field and model investigations [1]
        Irrigation water conservation: opportunities and limitations in Colorado: a report of the Agricultural Water Conservation Task Force [1]
        Local water agencies, communications patterns and the planning process [1]
        Long range forecasting of Colorado streamflows based on hydrologic, atmospheric, and oceanic data [1]
        Management of large wood in streams of Colorado's Front Range: a risk analysis based on physical, biological, and social factors [1]
        Mathematical modeling of water management strategies in urbanizing river basins [1]
        Mathematical models for prediction of soil moisture profiles [1]
        Mathematical models of soil moisture profiles using two-phase flow theory [1]
        Measuring benefits and the economic value of water in recreation on high country reservoirs [1]
        Mechanism of waste treatment at low temperature, The [1]
        Mechanism of waste treatment at low temperature. Part A, Microbiology, The [1]
        Mechanism of waste treatment at low temperature. Part B, Sanitary engineering, The [1]
        Modeling approach for assessing the feasibility of ground-water withdrawal from the Denver Basin during periods of drought, A [1]
        Modelling the dynamic response of floodplains to urbanization in eastern New England [1]
        Models for system water planning with special reference to water reuse [1]
        Monitoring strategies for groundwater quality management [1]
        Mountain basin hydrologic study [1]
        Municipal water use in Northern Colorado: development of efficiency-of-use criterion [1]
        Mutual irrigation company monitoring of main canal nitrogen levels: a case study on the role of mutual irrigation companies in water quality management [1]