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        Economic analysis of water use in Colorado's economy, An [1]
        Economic and institutional analysis of Colorado water quality management [1]
        Economic aspects of cost-sharing arrangements for federal irrigation projects: a case study [1]
        Economic benefits from instream flow in a Colorado mountain stream [1]
        Economic factors affecting residential water demand in Colorado [1]
        Economic impact analysis of reduced irrigated acreage in four river basins in Colorado [1]
        Economic impacts of a rural-to-urban water transfer: a case study of Crowley County, Colorado [1]
        Economic impacts of alternative water allocation institutions in the Colorado River Basin [1]
        Economic impacts of transferring water from agriculture to alternative uses in Colorado [1]
        Economic issues in resolving conflicts in water use [1]
        Economic role of water in Colorado, The: an input-output analysis [1]
        Economic, political, and legal aspects of Colorado water law [1]
        Economics and administration of water resources [2]
        Economics of ground water development in the High Plains of Colorado [1]
        Effect of algal inhibitors on higher plant tissues, The [1]
        Effect of conservation programs on the quality of urban lawns, The [1]
        Effect of lithology and climate on the morphology of drainage basins in northwestern Colorado, The [1]
        Effectiveness of forestry related Best Management Practices in the Trout Creek Watershed, Colorado [1]
        Effects of alternative electricity rates and rate structures on electricity and water use on the Colorado High Plains [1]
        Effects of flow diversion on downstream channel form in mountain streams [1]