• Through the leaves, 1937-1938 

        Author(s):Great Western Sugar Company; Maxson, A. C.; Hogenson, J. C.; Snyder, Earl E.; Kimmons, R. L.; Barton, Jr., Sam; Maynard, E. J.; Rodewald, C. J.; Heldt, A. E.; Stark, Alix; Witherow, Joe; Conklin, George; Latta, John; Smith, P. B.; Williams, A. R.; English, J. G.; Heldt, A. H.; Nelson, W. A.; Taylor, Lee; Rinn, J. L.; Rockwell, C. A.; Edmiston, John; Riddell, Harvey; Parker, Leslie A.; Billings, M. A.; Mattoon, Max; Frisbie, Otto E.; Stevens, Ted; Schaffer, Roy; Anderson, Gust E.; Nolke, Herman; Rienks, Howard; Johnson, Andrew; Pitcher, Lynn; Millice, R. B.; Suddith, F. H.; Smith, George A.; Ostwald, George; Roberts, Morris; Ball, Floyd; Bischoff, R. K.; Becker, B. I.; Brewbaker, Dr. H. E.; Bischoff, Kenneth; Tavernetti, A. A.; Dale, Phil; Forbes, Jesse; Stahle, Ralph; Reuszer, Herbert W.; Messersmith, F. E.; Laybourn, Ward; Doherty, Cecil W.; Swartz, Vern; Willis, E. S.; Roach, D. J.; Reed, G. O.; Winkhoff, H.; Holmes, George B.; Matteson, E. J.; Ingraham, A. S.; Mervine, E. M.; Varner, H. S.; Clement, M. S.; Code, W. E.; Osland, H. B.; McCreery, N. R.; Dahlberg, Henry W.; Fachmann, K.; Lippincott, J. L.; Mondt, Lowell; Maynard, Jack; Olney, M. T.
        Issues of Through the Leaves for the years 1937 (volume 25) and 1938 (volume 26). Includes articles, photographs, and illustrations related to beet farming in Colorado.