• Through the leaves, 1941-1943 

        Author(s):Great Western Sugar Company; Maynard, Jack; Dickey, Howard C.; Weihing, Ralph M.; Page, John C.; Mason, J. R.; Bingham, G. H.; Anderson, F. A.; Bush, H. L.; Wiley, Harry C.; Parshall, R. L.; Bischoff, Kenneth; Brewbaker, Doctor H. E.; Andrews, Lyman H.; Dahlberg, Henry W.; Willis, E. S.; Rodewald, R. G.; Bischoff, R. K.; Walter, Jr., Jake; Looper, H. S.; Swallow, Edgar; Green, Jesse; Aicher, George W.; Ginn, A. M.; Walker, H. B.; Harris, Lionel; Nicholson, W. D.; McMillen, Doctor D. L.; Stahle, R. J.; Stevens, Theodore; Turk, L. M.; Kinghorn, Glen; Grandy, Max; Nuckols, S. B.; Williams, J. L.; McBirney, S. W.; Henderson, W. J.; Osland, H. B.; Facer, J. E.; McCreery, N. R.; Lambrecht, George H.; Ruden, Walter L.; Coons, G. H.; Clement, M. S.; Brandes, E. W.; Mervine, E. M.; Maddux, C. V.; Roach, D. J.; Bainer, Roy; Heagney, William F.; Swartz, Vern; Long, Harry; Pearson, Wallace E.; Deming, G. W.; Maxson, Asa C.; Brown, Floyd E.; Morris, H. E.; Afanasiev, M. M.; Steck, R. D.; Armer, Austin A.; Muscavitch, N. J.; Wood, R. Ralph; Gardner, Robert; Hill, J. A.; Quayle, W. L.; Waksman, S. A.; McKee, Clyde; Clark, Doctor R. T.; Beeson, W. M.; Reed, G. O.; Evans, John; Outcalt, W. E.; Maynard, E. J.; Smith, P. B.; Nicholson, W. D.
        Issues of Through the Leaves for the years 1941 (volume 29), 1942 (volume 30), and 1943 (volume 31). Includes articles, photographs, and illustrations related to beet farming in Colorado.