• Through the leaves, 1919 

        Author(s):Great Western Sugar Company; Mendelson, H.; Maxson, A. C.; Giese, H. C.; Gilmore, George R.; Van Doren, W. S.; Maddux, C. V.; McCaslin, W. L.; Ogilvy, Lord; Weston, A. A.; DeBra, L. L.; Jarrell, J. F.; Huelskemper, E. H.; Parsons, T. S.; Mattern, J. R.; O’Donnell, I. D.; Spillman, Doctor W. J.; Comer, John; Hover, C. L.; Simpson, H. H.; Henderson, W. S.; Garvin, Victor; Van Doren, W. S.; Austin, Mark; Griffin, H. H.; Cady, G. H.; Timothy, H.; Harris, F. S.; Leonard, E. J.; White, E. A.; Delp, H. T.; Pancake, J. D.; Kobliansky, Lieutenant Nicholas; Ludlow, Earl T.; Williams, Alfred R.; Wheelon, J. C.; Houser, J. L.; Savage, David A.; Robbins, W. W.; McMasters, P. H.; Hedke, C. R.; Bowen, Edith M.; Rinehart, E. F.; Paterson, A. M.; Warren, G. F.; Moorhouse, L. A.; Keppel, George; Hinman, C. H.; Bowles, Charles W.; Dodge, W. E.; Swodoba, F. G.; Griffin, J. J.; Wood, J. R.; Rice, George C.; Curtis, Roy M.; Lovejoy, A. J.; Bray, Charles I.; Frazer, Wilber J.; Cheairs, Oscar; De Loach, Doctor R. J. H.
        Issues of Through the Leaves for the year 1919 (volume 7). Includes articles, photographs, and illustrations related to beet farming in Colorado.