Recent Submissions

  • Studies on Gambel's oak at the San Juan Basin Station : San Juan Basin Branch Station Hesperus, Colorado 

    Contributor:Marquiss, R. W.; Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station
    Research to develop methods of controlling Gambel oak was started in 1962 at the San Juan Basin Branch Station. Objectives of this study were to evaluate various chemical methods of oakbrush control, the effects on the ...
  • Benefits derived from controlling Gambel oak in southwestern Colorado 

    Contributor:Marquiss, R. W.; Davis, Gary; Bartel, Lawrence; Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station
    The improvement of Gambel oak rangelands for better livestock management and meat production has been a goal of range science studies in the San Juan Basin. Gambel oak can be controlled by herbicides, as well as other ...
  • Trichoderma as a biological control for Cytospora canker 

    Contributor:Smiley, E. T.; Luepschen, N. S.; Newby, Lenita
    Field and laboratory experiments were conducted to determine whether the fungus Trichoderma could be used as a protective control against Cytospora leucostoma infection on peach trees in Colorado. Wounds treated with ...