• GB-2, Apple inoculated 

        Apple inoculated. June 30, 1903, 2 a.m. Diseased tissue taken from a blighting apricot fruit. Apricot from J. J. Theobold Hotchkins, Colorado. Produced a case of typical pear blight. Photograph July 9, 1903.
      • GB-38, Apricot twig from Mr. Baumgardner's ranch 

        Author(s):Whipple, Orville B. (Orville Blaine), 1879-
        Western slope fruit investigations. Photograph May 28, 1906. Apricot twig from Mr. Baumgardner's ranch. Apricot twig before and after thinning. 26 of the 33 fruits removed bearing only 7. Photograph by O. B. W. Time 15 ...