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      • McCarthy manuscript 

        Creator(s):Unidentified author
        Format:manuscripts (documents)
        McCarthy undated manuscript, "Hour of trial" on anti-conservation movement in Colorado includes notes and reports: Chapter I, marching through Georgia; Chapter II, this damnable outrage; Chapter III, defenders of the west; ...
      • Miscellaneous papers 

        Creator(s):Wattles, Ruth J., compiler
        Date:1959; 1962; undated
        Miscellaneous papers of R. J. Wattles include: an annotated preliminary report, A history of irrigation & reclamation in Colorado, from Ruth Jocelyn Wattles; plan of attack, abstract, purpose, and significance of this ...
      • Student research reports for home economics course, early western home 

        Creator(s):Arnold, Judy, author; Clark, Helen, author; Devine, Kathryn E., author; Edwards, Candice, author; Guy, Louise, author; Mathes, Judie, author; Miller, Mary Jane, author; Myers, Caren, author; Rowe,Joanne, author; Spaeth, Jackie K., author; Tonish, Helen, author
        Student research reports for a home economics course, Early Western Home, dated 1972. Part I starts with An index of eleven writers and titles followed by their papers. Writers include Judy Arnold, Helen Clark, Kathryn E. ...
      • Notes for "History of agriculture in Colorado" 

        Creator(s):Steinel, Alvin T. (Alvin Theodore), 1878-, author
        Format:notes (documents); letters (correspondence); reports
        Included are letters, reports, and notes dated 1926 through 1927 by Alvin T. Steinel for his book "History of Agriculture in Colorado." He was a writer and a rural development specialist for the Colorado Agricultural College ...
      • Early history of Fort Collins schools, The 

        Creator(s):Sundberg, Wayne C., author
        Wayne C. Sundberg's December 5, 1970 paper, "The Early History of Fort Collins Schools." Bibliographical references are included.
      • Notebook with notes re the history of agriculture in Colorado 

        Creator(s):Steinel, Alvin T. (Alvin Theodore), 1878-, author
        Format:notes (documents)
        Notebook with handwritten notes concerning the history of agriculture in Colorado from 1876 through 1877, probably in the hand of Alvin Steinel.
      • Short story writers 

        Creator(s):Unidentified author
        "Short story writers" is an undated paper on short story writers in Colorado. Names of writers include Horace Greeley, Bayard Taylor, Samuel Bowles, Helen Hunt Jackson, Eugene Field, Emma Horman Thayer, Walter Juan Davis, ...
      • Photographs 

        Creator(s):Unidentified photographer
        Two undated black and white photographs. The first is a row of men holding rifles and one man to the right standing at attention in a field in front of a large building. The second is of a dark pickup truck labeled "Ted's ...
      • Ghost towns 

        Creator(s):Unidentified photographer
        Five photographic prints of ghost towns, circa 1960, from "Gold Strikes and Ghost Towns" by Todd Webb: 1) the Assay office in Volcano; 2) mining in Willow Creek near Creede; 3) Virginia City, Nevada; 4) boarded-up house ...
      • Economic indices of Fort Collins 

        Creator(s):Unidentified author
        Format:financial records
        Economic indices of Fort Collins compiled in the office of the City Manager, dated November 15, 1955, covering years 1935, 1940, 1945, 1950, and 1955.
      • Letters 

        Creator(s):Howard, George, author; Kaufman, David S., author; Barr, S. F., signer; Unidentified signer "Mayo"; Belford, B., signer; Hooper, B. S., signer; Bruer, J. H., signer; George, C., signer
        Date:1834; 1848; 1884
        Format:letters (correspondence)
        Three letters: 1) March 8, 1834 from George Howard, Governor of Maryland to James Herring of New York writing of a portrait, members of a gallery, and an engraving of George Howard's father; 2) December 9, 1848 from David ...
      • Blount house, negative and correspondence 

        Creator(s):Unidentified author "Evadene"; Miller, James R., author; Unidentified photographer
        Format:memorandums; letters (correspondence; photographs
        Included is a memo to Jim Hansen from Evadene, a letter to Mrs. Swanson from James R. Miller, and a photographic negative of the Blount house built in 1883 near the corner of Laurel and College.
      • Letter and contract between W. D. W. Taft and quartermaster of Camp Collins 

        Creator(s):Taft, W. D. W., signer; Gorton, C. L., signer
        Format:letters (correspondence); contracts
        Letter and contract between Mr. W. D. W. Taft of La Porte, Colorado and the Assistant Quartermaster, Captain C. L. Gorton of Camp Collins, dated September 13, 1864.
      • Montezuma W. Fuller: a history of his life and architectural practice 

        Creator(s):Bacon, Elizabeth A., author
        Montezuma W. Fuller: A history of his life and architectural practice by Elizabeth A. Bacon of Claremont, New Hampshire, dated 9 July 1979, for a CSU course, History 695: Independent Study. Also included: Appendix A, section ...
      • Bent County bank official correspondence with a Miss Beach 

        Creator(s):Scott, P. G., author
        Date:1921; 1922
        Format:letters (correspondence)
        Bent County Bank of Las Animas (established in 1875) official correspondence of P. G. Scott to Miss Beach. The first letter written July 16, 1921, is of his personal history of moving from Kansas in 1870 to Colorado with ...
      • Historical trail map from Little Thompson station to Virginia Dale 

        Creator(s):Baker, R. S., mapmaker
        Format:maps (documents)
        R.S. Baker's Historical trail map from Little Thompson Station to Virginia Dale, titled: Historical research society, dated 1942, accompanied with general historical information and descriptions of the numbered stations ...
      • Map 

        Creator(s):Unidentified mapmaker
        Format:maps (documents)
        A hand drawn map which includes the village of Betie, the Empire mine and land ownership about the Buckeye district in 1870.
      • Study on prohibition in Fort Collins 

        Creator(s):Anderson, Fred, author; Dennison, G., author
        Format:drafts (documents); letters (correspondence)
        Two draft papers by Fred Anderson on the Prohibition in Fort Collins: Work in Progress and Pluming for Heaven. Also included are correspondence between Fred Anderson and G. Dennison, endnotes, and a prohibition timeline ...
      • Indian council tree, notes regarding history and location 

        Creator(s):Unidentified author; Taylor, W. W., Mrs., author; Hoyt, Mabel A., author
        Date:1924; undated
        Format:newspaper clippings; reports
        The history of the Indian Council Tree provided by an October 7, 1924 newspaper clipping; undated one page report; a three page report by Mrs. W. W. Taylor titled, Local walk, dated March 29, 1924; and a three page undated ...
      • Irrigation Institute 

        Creator(s):Unidentified author
        Date:1953-1954; undated
        Format:newspaper clippings; reports; letters (correspondence); memorandums
        The history of Colorado A & M College's Irrigation Institute from 1953 through 1954 from newspaper clippings, notes, reports, memorandums, and letters. The May 25, October 29, November and December 2, 1954, proposed ...