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        Structural equation modeling of relationships between physical activity, gross motor skills and healthy growth in young children [1]
        Subcutaneous fat: a protector from metabolic dysregulation [1]
        Synthesis of an enzyme-activated nitric oxide-releasing antibacterial prodrug [1]
        This land open: a poetic exploration of Wyoming's environmental history [1]
        Timing the diversification of a mammal parasite, Bartonella [1]
        Tomographic event reconstruction with the MicroBooNE LArTPC [1]
        Tomographic particle interaction event reconstruction in MicroBooNE [1]
        Transcriptomics of Oryza sativa under drought stress [1]
        Transformation of perception surrounding mental illness to empower women, The [1]
        Unlocking educational entertainment: a content analysis of literacy skills evident in animated cartoons [1]
        Urban water demand characterization in Sao Paulo, Brazil, using IUWM [1]
        Using needs analysis as a tool for ESP curriculum alignment [1]
        Video games: a driving force for learning new media compositions [1]
        Wet, wetter, wettest: Amazon rainforest responsiveness to short-term drought [1]
        Wet, wetter, wettest: Amazonian rainforest responsiveness to recent precipitation [1]
        What is said is more important than who says it: an experimental study of content and prestige biases in social learning [1]
        When should rain fall?: how the timing of large storms impacts arid grasslands [1]
        Who influences whom in international politics? [1]
        Why did you do that?: luxury brands surviving economic crisis [1]
        Working on my hair: the politics of Afrocentricity in the fictional workplace [1]