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        Pathways for use of cultural ecosystem services knowledge in decisionmaking [1]
        Patterns of obesity-related health behaviors and parental monitoring in children [1]
        Philanthropic ripple effects in the capitalist market [1]
        Picornaviral polymerase fingers domain controls RNA binding and translocation, The [1]
        Plasma surface modification of zeolites with gas phase ciagnostics [1]
        Portable biosensor system for pathogen diagnostic applications, A [1]
        Potential influence of red beetroot juice consumption on endothelial function [1]
        Preliminary computational analysis of data collected from xylazine-induced ataxic horses [1]
        Preliminary computational analysis of gait data collected from xylazine-induced ataxic horses [1]
        Protein interaction with glycocalyx-mimetic surfaces: a candidate for blood-compatible materials [1]
        Protein interface prediction using graph convolutional networks [1]
        Quantifying the effects of non-lethal tools on wolf behavior [1]
        Reconstruction of large scale networks from partial information [1]
        Relative contributions of convective and non-convective dust lofting over the Arabian Peninsula [1]
        Restoring biodiversity using mammal-free sanctuaries: implications for birds and seed dispersal [1]
        Sailing [1]
        Sex, drugs, and Salmonella: rendezvous in the colon [1]
        Shorebird use of military lands in Interior Alaska [1]
        Simulating Middle Eastern dust storms: uncertainty in weather forecast models [1]
        Soil organic matter from southern pine biofuel feedstocks under different soil types and management systems [1]