Dr. Albert C. Yates served as president of Colorado State University from 1990 to 2003. During his tenure, Dr. Yates spoke to many organizations in the city, state, and country. This collection contains the speeches Yates made to these organizations. In addition, the collection has a limited amount of office papers related to his tenure as university president.

Recent Submissions

  • Albert Yates - speech 

    Date Recorded:undated
    Colorado State University President Albert Yates is speaking to an unidentified organization. He discusses the successes of the university and responds to input by the audience.
  • Virtue and leadership : good leaders must first be good people 

    Contributor:Yates, Albert C.
    In a written speech, Albert Yates shares "My List: Assertions on Organizational Leadership," a list he compiled over a period of years.
  • Values and leadership 

    Contributor:Yates, Albert C.
    Albert Yates details the importance of leadership in facing the challenges of water management in Colorado to the Colorado Water Congress.
  • Leadership 

    Contributor:Yates, Albert C.
    In a written speech, Albert Yates shares his list of statements and assertions on organizational leadership.
  • "The Renaissance of Outreach in the Land-Grant Tradition" : Seaman A. Knapp Memorial Lecture 

    Contributor:Yates, Albert C.
    Albert Yates details the importance of outreach in Cooperative Extension as well as in other University programs.
  • Colorado higher education : a brief overview 

    Contributor:Yates, Albert C.
    Albert Yates presents an overview of higher education in Colorado from 1990 to 2000 in which he stresses the successes of Colorado's universities while cautioning against lower funding for the schools.