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        Ultraviolet-B radiation effects on sweetpotato growth and development [1]
        Un/limited [1]
        Unattended acoustic sensor systems for noise monitoring in national parks [1]
        Unbiased phishing detection using domain name based features [1]
        Unconventional eyewall replacement cycle of Hurricane Ophelia (2005), The [1]
        Undergraduate experiences of military spouses [1]
        Understanding blackleg in seed potato operations and the development of management strategies for the control of blackleg and tuber soft rot, caused by Pectobacterium SPP. [1]
        Understanding broad-spectrum disease resistance in rice : prompting a genome-wide uprising [1]
        Understanding Mycobacterium abscessus pulmonary and disseminated disease [1]
        Understanding the decision to enroll in graduate business programs : influence of sociological and economic factors and gender [1]
        Understanding the molecular basis of insect pest resistance in Triticum aestivum using mass spectrometry [1]
        Understanding the role of probation : observing the effectiveness of probation as an alternative to incarceration in Larimer County, Colorado [1]
        Undrained shear behavior of mixed mine waste rock and tailings [1]
        Unhappy with their body? : how Generation Y men respond through clothing behaviors [1]
        Unified Modeling Language framework for specifying and analyzing temporal properties, A [1]
        Universe works on a math equation that never even ever really even ends in the end : Charles Sanders Peirce's Evolutionary Metaphysics and the Law of Large Numbers, The [1]
        Unraveling prions : the complexities between the prion protein, complement, and B cells in diverse pathogenic settings [1]
        Upayā-kauśala as the pragmatic justification of Madhyamaka ethical claims [1]
        Use of BIM-based energy simulations to analyze the impact of occupant behavior on energy performance of commercial buildings [1]
        Use of global datasets for downscaling soil moisture with the EMT+VS model [1]