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        T zone lymphoma : cellular origin and function [1]
        Targeting neuroinflammation for disease modification in models of parkinsonism [1]
        Taxonomic distinctions in the 3D micromorphology of tooth marks with application to feeding traces from Middle Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania [1]
        Teacher-student rapport in the secondary instrumental music ensemble : educational psychology and teacher disposition standards [1]
        Teachers' and researchers' beliefs of learning and the use of learning progressions [1]
        Teachers' lived experiences of Responsible Leadership : a transcendental phenomenological study [1]
        Technical and economic evaluation of triglyceride gasoline blends as an alternative fuel for diesel engines [1]
        Techno-economic analysis of ash removal in algal biomass [1]
        Techno-economic study on the waste heat recovery options for wet cooled natural gas combined cycle power plants, A [1]
        Technoecomonic optimization and working fluid selection for an engine coolant driven turbo-compression cooling system [1]
        Technological advances, human performance, and the operation of nuclear facilities [1]
        Telomere length as a biomarker of exposure to indoor woodstove smoke in rural Honduras : a feasibility field study [1]
        Telomere length, telomerase activity, and structural variants as biomarkers of extreme environments [1]
        Telomeric double strand breaks undergo resection - but not repair - in G1 human cells [1]
        Temperature sensitivity as a microbial trait [1]
        Testing hydrologic performance standards to evaluate wetland restoration [1]
        Testing of a full-scale mass timber diaphragm [1]
        Testing the efficacy of the "EA Brief" : an intervention to improve emotional attachment and emotional availability (EA) [1]
        Testing the metabolic sink postulate : subcutaneous adipose tissue the protective depot [1]
        Thematic analysis of the Excel Pre-Collegiate Program as an avenue of successful postsecondary enrollment for Latina/o students, A [1]