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        Machine learning models towards elucidating the plant intron retention code [1]
        Madden-Julian Oscillation teleconnections and their influence on Northern Hemisphere winter blocking [1]
        Maintaining employment in turbulent times : the bridging of resilience and resistance in hotel employees [1]
        Maintaining leachate flow through a leach bed reactor during anaerobic digestion of high-solids cattle manure [1]
        Making ends meet in a social context : grandparent childcare during the 2008 recession, debt of the poor and financial innovation, and relative poverty's effect on election outcomes [1]
        Mapping the recruitment pathways of core Spindle Assembly Checkpoint proteins [1]
        Mathematical and experimental studies in cellular decision making [1]
        Mating system transitions impact population structure and biodiversity in Solanum habrochaites [1]
        Meaning in life, uncertainty, and depressive symptomatology [1]
        Measurement of ammonia emission from agricultural sites using open-path cavity ring-down spectroscopy and wavelength modulation spectroscopy based analyzers [1]
        Measurement of the differential charged current single pion cross section using muon momentum and muon angle in the pi zero detector of the T2K experiment [1]
        Measurement of the muon anti-neutrino charged current double differential cross section with no pions in the final state on water using the pi-zero detector at T2K [1]
        Measurements of current-use pesticides and oxidation products using chemical ionization mass spectrometry [1]
        Measurements of electron-ion collision rates and Rydberg atom populations in ultracold plasmas by using short electric field pulses [1]
        Measuring adolescent sense of belonging : development of an instrument incorporating gender, ethnicity, and age [1]
        Measuring citizens' preferences for protecting environmental resources : applications of choice experiment surveys, social network analysis and Deliberative Citizens' juries [1]
        Measuring occupation span at two stone circle sites in Larimer County, Colorado [1]
        Mechanisms of impaired red blood cell ATP release in older adults : implications for altered vascular control with age [1]
        Mechanisms of vascular dysfunction in obesity and type 2 diabetes : role of the gut microbiota and endoplasmic reticulum stress [1]
        Meniscal root tears and repairs [1]