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        Kansas community and technical colleges safety and security directors preparation for campus active shooters : a thematic analysis study [1]
        Kinetic control of solid state metathesis reactions [1]
        Kinetics of proteins on lipid bilayers, The [1]
        Knowledge management for adaptive planning and decision-making in federal land management agencies [1]
        Laboratory evaluation of a post-fire ground treatment to mitigate soil erosion and runoff [1]
        Land of 10,000 pixels : applications of remote sensing & geospatial data to improve forest management in northern Minnesota, USA [1]
        Learner-centered comparison study between American native speakers and Saudi English language learners in forming English requests and refusals in academic setting [1]
        Lema sabachthani [1]
        Lesbian artist as a child, The [1]
        Lessons in establishing plant communities on constructed fens for oil sands mine reclamation [1]
        Leveraging stream processing engines in support of physiological data processing [1]
        Leveraging structural-context similarity of Wikipedia links to predict twitter user locations [1]
        Life cycle cost analysis for joint elimination retrofits and thermal loading on Colorado bridges [1]
        Life-cycle cost analysis of a bridge in remote mountainous terrain [1]
        Lightning channel locations, LNOx production, and advection in anomalous and normal polarity thunderstorms [1]
        Limiting membrane and diffusion behavior of a compacted sand-bentonite mixture for hydraulic and chemical containment [1]
        Linear combinations of GNSS phase observables to improve and assess TEC estimation precision [1]
        Linking work and home life : mediating effects of sleep [1]
        Liposomal encapsulated alpha-lipoic acid, benfotiamine and curcumin prevent overfeeding mediated increases in waist circumference [1]
        Lived experiences of recent high-school graduates in a three credit, semester-long, community-college student-success seminar, The [1]