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        Identifying profiles of youth characteristics, trajectories of development, and retention factors in a Positive Youth Development program [1]
        Image-based development of three-dimensional finite element models [1]
        Immigration ethics : creating flourishing, just, and sustainable societies in a world of limits [1]
        Immune modulatory and antimicrobial properties of canine and human mesenchymal stem cells [1]
        Impact of a cookstove intervention on exposure and blood pressure in rural Honduran women [1]
        Impact of antibiotic use on resistance in beef feedlot and dairy cattle [1]
        Impact of inoculum source and primary carbon source on biotransformation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products [1]
        Impact of music therapy on sensory gating and attention abilities in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder : a feasibility study, The [1]
        Impact of upper tropospheric temperatures and radiation on idealized tropical cyclones, The [1]
        Impacts and management of the invasive Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia L.) in a hereogenous riparian ecosystem [1]
        Impacts of assimilating vertical velocity, latent heating, or hydrometeor water contents retrieved from a single reflectivity data set [1]
        Impacts of conservation tillage on water quality and soil health characteristics under furrow irrigation [1]
        Impacts of LED interlighting on the growth, yield, and quality of hydroponic greenhouse tomatoes [1]
        Impacts of metal-contamination and fine sediment deposition on benthic macroinvertebrate communities, The [1]
        Impacts of unconventional oil and gas development on atmospheric aerosol particles [1]
        Implementing digital visualization technology within AEC education : a pedagogical intervention [1]
        Implementing evidence-based practice for dual diagnosis : what education do addiction counseling credentials require? [1]
        Implementing organic amendments to enhance maize yield, soil moisture, and microbial nutrient cycling in temperate agriculture [1]
        Implications of cell composition and size on the performance of microalgae ultrasonic harvesting [1]
        Implications of solid and liquid waste co-disposal on biodegradation and biochemical compatibility [1]